Arriana Clark is a 12-year-old A.N.T. who attends Webster High. Her roleplayer is Abbyabbymc.


Arriana Raini Clark was born on October 31, 2000 as the younger twin sister to Joseph Clark. Joseph had been given the gift of storytelling, and Arriana became jealous. Her brother was becoming famous without her. She was so frustrated that she took up gymnastics. She was easily the best gymnast there. She was put into advanced gymnastics classes at age 3. She had been on Oprah and Ellen by age 5. She and her brother now reside in the A.N.T. Farm. Arriana is also on the Cheer Squad. She is the best gymnast in the whole school, even though Drew Gregory does not feel that way.

Early Life

While looking for something to excel in, Arriana came across an ad in a newspaper for Madame Lucy's Gymnastics lessons. She showed the ad to her mom and asked her to sign her up. At first, her mom was reluctant since she had to be Joseph's manager. Again, Arriana was so frustrated that she signed herself up and walked there every day. When Arriana's mom heard this, she was ready to take her out immediatly for disobeying her. However, Arriana showed her mom her skills and her mom changed her mind about taking Arriana out.


Arriana has blonde hair and brown eyes, like her twin brother, Joseph. She is very pretty.