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Bryce Gridly is a 13 year old A.N.T.. He is a builder/fixer talent. He is really into sports but not as good as Annemarie in them. He loves a challenge. He is roleplayed by Trixie19


Bryce is a 13 year old teenager who loves building and fixing things. He was born on October 25. He is extremely kind and is friends with everyone. He is a builder/fixer prodigy. he often makes home-calls to friends and students at Webster. He has had a huge crush on Annemarie Duvail since the first day of 1st grade although she does not like him.

Early Life

Bryce was always a hyper little kid. He was always running around fixing things with his 'lucky' hammer. He loved making and inventing things when he was nervous, which was a lot since his parents always fought. Soon his parents filed for divorce. After that he was more serious about things. When his parents gave him a guidence counselor everything was fixed. He discovered his talents and soon got put into the A.N.T. program.


Bryce has spikey dust brown hair and perfect blue eyes all the girls fall for. He has freckles all over his face. He is extremely tall for his age and very muscular because he lifts weights. He has a crooked smile that is very cute and bushy eyebrows.



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