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Finn Adams is a 15-year-old lifeguard prodigy. His roleplayer is Miramc22.


Finnegan Michael Adams was born on April 2, 1998. He has a older sister by 2 years. He lives with his mom and two sisters since he does not have a dad because he left the day after his sister Constance was born. Finn does not like his mom or older sister since his older sister is a punk rocker and his mom is mean. He usually sneaks out at night to live in his apartment, a place his siblings do not know about. His mom never helps him with anything. Finn is very clever and quicker than you would estimate him to be because he appears to be weak. He goes to Sylvin learning center on Wednesday afternoon to help him with his dyslexia. He never tells anybody that he goes to Sylvin and that he is simply "busy" all Wednesday nights. Finn was later diagnosed with ADHD when he started middle school. This is his first year at Webster High. He had an immediate crush on Kristina Joel as soon as he saw her and they started going out immediatley. Finn got a tattoo of a trident on his right forearm because of how much he loves the sea. He was later accepted into the Z-Tech Prodigy School as a lifeguard prodigy. He currently resides in Dorm 107.

Early Life

Finn was pretty much alone all of his life. He played the guitar for people on the streets for seven years until he had enough to buy an apartment. He signed the contract under his dad's name. He bought the small apartment with one bed, a kitchen, and a bathroom. He lives there when his mom is acting crazy or his sister is ranting or going off about something. He has never told anyone about the apartment. Finn has ADHD and he has dyslexia, where he mixed up O with G, H with P, E with F, and 8 with 5. He goes to Sylvin learning center every Wednesday. Finn never looked up to his older sister Storm, especially when she started to dye her hair or get tattoos. He tried to set a good example for his little sister Connie. He despises his mom because of how she lets her children live their lives.


Finn has dark hair and blue eyes. He has a tattoo of a trident on his right forearm. He is considered a girl's dream guy. He is extremely loyal to the girl and is not a cheater or a player. He only likes a girl by how she acts, not how much makeup she wears or how she dresses! He is considered the most romantic guy in school.



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