Jenni Raquel is a 15-year-old girl (about to turn 16) who attends Webster High. Her roleplayer is Miramc22.?


Jennifer "Jenni" Diana Raquel was born on December 25, 1998. She is the middle child of the Raquel family, youngest being Jada Raquel and oldest being Jason Raquel. She has a best friend whom she met when she was 3, Maggie "Maggs" Smith. They have been BFFs ever since. They have done everything together. Their family even goes on vacation together. Jenni is shy, but can be very outgoing sometimes when she needs to. She is very smart, getting all A's on her report card. She will do anything for her BFF, Maggie. She works at the library on weekend evenings, teaches surf lessons to kids on weekend mornings, and takes dance lessons on Thursday and Friday nights. She and Maggie are very accomplished dancers. They are going to enter the talent show together in February! She was the former dancing prodigy at Webster High before Drew Gregory. She is hoping to enter Z-Tech Prodigy School with some of her talents!

Early Life

Jenni met best friend Maggie on January 31, 2000. She was 3 at the time, the same age she was when later that year younger sister Jada was born. They had been been best friends ever since. She was in the same dance class as Kristina Joel and Callie Bryer, really wanting to be friends with Callie. However, she saw that Callie was only hanging out with Kristina, so she decided to move on. She was searching for friends when a girl her parents called a "bad impression started ralking to her. Jenni found out that they were in the same dance class. Her name was Maggie and they have been best friends evers since.


Jenni has shoulder length wavy brown hair and dark skin. She has full pink lips and smiley teeth. She sometimes even wears glasses.



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