Kristina Joel is a 14-year-old teeanger who attends Webster High. Her roleplayer is Livvylove17. Her real name is Kristina but she goes by Kris.


Kristina Elle Joel was born on November 14, 1998 to Jorge Joel, a lawyer and Samantha Joel, a scientist. Kris grew up in a loving and caring family. Kris as always smiling and carefree. When she joined school, her mother noticed that Kris shared her passion for science and her brains. Kris always got straight A's in school and beat out older kids by winning her school science fair. Kris was fascinated in it, and she loved doing things like at home experiments and watching Bill Nye. She was always put in the advanced science classes with older children and soon did science with 6th graders while she was still in 4th grade. One day when Kris was 11, Kris and her parents moved from Boston to San Fran isco. There, she joined Webster High. When she found out about the new Z-Tech school, she decided to audition for her talent of science and she was instantly accepted!

Early Life

Kris was always a straight A student, and took advanced science. She was the best in the class with science and she loved to enter science fairs. She never failed to lose a science fair, and even if she did she would get rewarded for trying by her parents. Kris took science classes with 6th graders while she was still in 4th grade, and she was the top of the 6th grade class. When Kris was 11, she and her parents moved from Boston to San Francisco. When they moved to San Francisco, Kris joined Webster High. Now she is in the Z-Tech Prodigy School practicing her science skills.


Kris has hazel eyes and a perfect, straight, white smile. She is toned because she plays soccer and volleyball. She is very skinny but pretty strong. She likes makeup. She is a pretty normal teen. She is very short for her age, only measuring up to 5'3. Her style is casual and fun. She also has curly chocolate brown hair that is sometimes straightened. Her boyfriend is Finn Adams .