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MacKenzie Crest is a 15-year-old surfing prodigy. Her roleplayer is Miramc22.


MacKenzie "Mack" Madeline Crest was born on November 3 to Maya Crest and Daniel Crest, both famous surfers living on the Golden Coast of Australia. Mack wanted to be a surfer as soon as she was able to express her passion. When she was two, she rode her first wave. Her parents were very proud of her and they signed her up for surfing lessons immediatley. She soon became more advanced and sped through her classes until she became a professional by the time she was 10. Her parents moved her to America when she turned 15 so she could pursue her professional career. She was discovered by Zoltan Grundy and she was soon accepted into the Z-Tech Prodigy School as a surfing prodigy. Mack loves to sing and she has a great singing voice. She is also very intelligent. She has a best friend, Z-Tech's nature prodigy, named Dustin Chandler.

Early Life

Mack says that she has been surfing for as long as she can remember. She says that her earliest memory is of her surfing a huge wave. Mack didn't have many friends growing up because her whole life was devoted to surfing, until she arrived at the Z-Tech Prodigy School, where she became best friends with another prodigy named Dustin Chandler. Dustin asked Mack to teach him how to surf and she agreed. They eventually became best friends over time because they had 3 main things in common: surfing, nature, and music.


Mack has straight brown hair which is sometimes curled and worn up when she is surfing. She has pretty tan skin and brown eyes. She has a great smile and she speaks in an Australian accent.


  • Dustin Chandler (best friend)


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MacKenzie Crest and Dustin Chandler Singing "Can't Stop Singing"

MacKenzie Crest and Dustin Chandler Singing "Can't Stop Singing"