ANT -4


Noah Shever is a 11 year old A.N.T. he is a designer talent. He is really into art and drawing designs and blueprints. All his life he has been teased and bullied. He has two friends named Drew Gregory and Annemarie Duvai. He is roleplayed by Trixie19.


Noah Shever is a 11 year old designer prodidgy. He was born on January (Friday) 13th. He has had no friends (only books) and says he never will "Everyone hates me." he says. He hates his life (most of the time). But mabye here at Webster High things will brighten up.

Early Life

Noah was always a calm and quiet kid. He was in an adoption center for ages 0-6 (it's not a happy place to grow up) some people adopted him at age 7 and returned him a day later. Then a year later when he was 8 year old center closed. One day as he was trying to find some food some people saw him and asked "Do you have a home?". He replied simply "No." Those people who had seemed nice took him home and he still lives with them now. "They are the meanest people in the world." He says.


Noah has shaggy black hair and dull brown eyes. He has no freckles. He is short and skiny and looks very weak. He has a smooth frown and very thin eyebrows. He sometimes wears blue contacts.



Everyone who is mean to him.