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Storm Adams is a 17-year-old high-schooler who attends Webster High. Her roleplayer is Miramc22.


Storm Lucille Adams was born on October 14 to Garrett Adams, a handsome fisherman, and Skylar Adams, a woman without a job living with her aunt. They fell in love and had Storm. Storm always had a temper and a horrible attitude toward her younger sister, Constance, and a bad example to her younger brother, Finn. When she was 14 she dyed her hair a vibrant red and she continued to do it. Storm is described as a rebel without a cause. She has a huge temper and she can lose it very easily. She can be a very kind and nice person when she tries to be, but many people can't see anything nice behind all of the makeup, piercings, and tattoos she has. Storm is considered a troubled kid because she, along with her brother, were diagnosed with ADHD. She is very reckless. She isn't neccessarily a mean girl, she is just very tough and she isn't afraid to prove a point. Storm is very intelligent and she isn't stupid. She currently attends Webster High.

Early Life

Storm never had either of her parents around, which was all she ever wanted. She did many things to try and get her mother's attention, but her mother never really cared. She fequently got many piercings and tattoos, and she dyed her hair in many vibrant colors. Many people dislike her but she doesn't neccessarily dislike anyone unless she has a true reason to. She always has an attitude and she can be rude about some things, as long as she has made her point. Storm is very intimidating and she has always been. She can be very nice but many people don't look past her piercings and makeup to see who the real her is.


Storm has hair that is always changing to unsual colors. She has a lot of piercings and tattoos all over her body. She has pretty brown eyes and she wears a lot of thick makeup. She is very pretty but many people don't look past her tattoos and piercings to see who she is inside.



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