Webster High

Welcome to the Webster High Role-Play Wiki

Join Webster High, the High School from Disney Channel's ANT Farm! You can be in High School or the ANT Farm! Miramc22 is in charge of character requests, so you can send your character requests on her talk page! Please do not make any character without permission or your character page will be deleted. You can use any famous person as your character image. Please do not use a talent that is already taken, as everybody is unique in their own way. Have fun in school! Click here to go to the Main Enterance!


Newspaper Club

We will be starting a Newspaper Club for The Daily Z. Send in your applications on Miramc22's talk page. Here are the jobs avaliabe on the team:

  • Reporter (10 needed)? 1 TAKEN
  • Photographer (5 needed) 4? TAKEN
  • Anonymous Advice (1 needed) TAKEN
  • Sports Section (1 needed) TAKEN
  • This or That Survey (1 needed) TAKEN
  • Entertainment Section (1 needed) TAKEN
  • More suggestions open!

Wordpress Blogs

Each character will now have their own blog where they can talk about their day, life, or anything. You must post at least once a week. Blogs will be powered by Wordpress . Put a link to your blog on your character page.

Making a character

  • Go to the "Character" page and choose "Heading 2." Write your character's name there. Then press Enter and do "Heading 3." Write Biography.
  • After Heading 3 says biography, write your character's biography. Then do "Heading 3" again only with early life. In Biography, make sure that it says if you are an A.N.T. or a High Schooler!
  • A.N.T.s' ages range from 8 to 18.
  • With the provided photo space, (it may have a photo in it from last character request) post a photo of what you want your character to look like. It can not be anybody from the T.V. Show A.N.T. Farm unless you have special permission.
  • Remember to save these. You will use them later for your character page.
  • You will recieve notice on your talk page.
  • Also, on your page say that you agree to the rules.
  • Congratulations! You have a character! As soon as you recieve notice on your talk page you may make your character page!
  • Although it may be fun to be an A.N.T., you can be a High Schooler or Queen Bee!

School Rules

  1. No swearing.
  2. No cheating.
  3. No lying.
  4. Be respectful.
  5. Be responsible.
  6. Pay attention to OOC's.
  7. Dont make another character do domething they don't want to.
  8. No having serious sex.
  9. Be modest.
  10. Treat other people the way you would like to be treated.
  11. You may not date your own character or have a crush on them.
  12. You may not share the same character.

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